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About Natalie

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Hello fellow mommas, my name is Natalie Classi-Woolley and I was born and raised in beautiful Colorado as well as my husband Matthew and our two precious daughters. In addition to being a Birth Doula I own my own business doing Hairstyling and I own Natalie’s Oasis Spa in Montrose, CO. I love helping people be well, and feel beautiful. I incorporate my love of helping others into everything I do. I am very natural minded and love all things plants and animals! Plants are our wonderful free medicine and support.

My friends and family always call me first for a good natural remedy or trick for their health. I strongly support the use of good essential oils and homeopathy. I have been deeply engrossed in educating myself in all things “natural” for the last 9 years due to my oldest daughter being injured by the pharmaceutical industry. I have a huge passion for all animals and grew up training horses and dogs. I’m told that I am an extremely empathetic soul and I truly thrive and enjoy those soft spaces in life, like helping a woman transform into birthing her baby. I have a beautiful love for the outdoors, hiking, and I absolutely yearn for the ocean at least once a year. Nature is my happy place!

I became a doula after my own birth experiences that were far from what I wanted for myself. I also felt strongly led by God to help women and babies at the very start of life. The beginning of life is where our babies foundation of health starts. I wanted to change the way birth is perceived and help empower women to take back their births. I believe you should always be in control of what happens to your body and our decisions start with a good foundation of education of birth and everything it includes! It is my passion to help women to make the best decisions for themselves and their family at the very start of new life!

I am here to help protect women from medical abuse and maintain full bodily autonomy. Women remember the good or the bad things that happen during their births for the rest of their lives and I want to help make more positive memories than negative.  I am here for support through all stages of emotions, birth, birth partners and beyond. I love using Hypnobabies® Childbirth Hypnosis for birthing to help achieve wonderful relaxation, ease discomfort, and lessen medical intervention. I am a big supporter of all types of birth as it is all magical and beautiful! I am a certified Hypno-Doula through Hypnobabies, and also a certifying DONA Birth Doula. Contact me for a free consultation, and let’s take back our births together!