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GJ Birth Collective


GJ Birth Collective's mission is for families of Western Colorado to have access to supportive care and evidence based education in the childbearing years. We strengthen the community by connecting families to services that are in line with their goals and philosophy. We also provide a network of local birth professionals to work together and support one another through fellowship, encouragement, education, and community relations. 


Mission Statement

BirthSmart will provide balanced education to pregnant women, birth professionals and the community as to the goods, services and resources available for creating a healthy and satisfying birth experience.

Mama Matters

Women who desire doula services for their birth and meet low income requirements may apply to Mama Matters for reduced fee doula services. Certified doulas and doulas-in-training (who have completed all doula certification requirements except attending births) will provide skilled doula care.

Free Standing Birth Center in Grand Junction, CO. They provide midwifery care from birth control to babies. It is a beautiful facility with wonderful and caring staff.

Tawnya is a highly skilled homebirth midwife. She loves working with clients who use hypnosis for their birthing! She attends births in all areas of the Western Slope. Montrose Midwife provides dedicated pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum care that empowers and includes mom and her growing family. They are formally trained and state registered to assure the most comprehensive care for you and your baby.

If your provider allows water birth, St. Mary’s has a tub in every room as a choice for your birthing.  They provide birthing balls, squatting bars, and a room with a shower and tub. St. Mary’s will help their patients with what they want and if it is a natural birth, they will support it.  As of June 2013 their cesarean rate is 23%, less than the national average!

Mesa Midwives attend births a St. Mary’s Hospital in Grand Junction.  They enjoy water births and are familiar with childbirth hypnosis. They are supporters of natural birth and to help you have the birth of your dreams. Karen Ady, CNM provides exceptional care!

Grand Valley Midwives are now taking patients and delivering babies at Community Hospital as of March 2016. They are all supporters of Hypnobabies Childbirth Hypnosis.

Colorado Baby is Grand Junction’s location to get cloth diapers and other natural parenting products. Anytime you are downtown and need to change your baby’s diaper or breastfeed in a friendly place, stop by! They also offer many parenting classes such as a about placenta encapsulation and breastfeeding.

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